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20 Jun

Virtual Reality in Paediatrics: How Children stand to Benefit from this cutting-edge Technology

A stay in the hospital can be a stressful experience for a child. Children are generally apprehensive of unfamiliar environments and unknown people. Furthermore, they don’t fully comprehend the nature of a situation. They don’t understand why they...

05 Jun

Transforming Palliative Healthcare Through Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is transforming patient care in both hospice and hospital settings.  Virtual Reality provides a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that can be interactively explored by the user. The person is immersed in the virtual...

16 May

How Virtual Reality Can Be Used For Palliation, Allaying Anxiety, and Distraction Away from Pain

Introduction When a person is removed from his or her “comfort zone” or taken to an unfamiliar place that is unpredictable, the ancient, primitive “flight-or-fight” reflex engages.1 From an evolutionary standpoint, fear is a helpful partner,...

02 May

Top 5 VR Studies of 2018 According to a Field Expert

2018 has been a fruitful year for VR research. This March, during one of the many conferences on advances in VR technology, a group of medical VR enthusiasts convened to discuss the latest developments in the field. Virtual Medicine is a conference...

25 Apr

Highlights from the Virtual Medicine Conference in Los Angeles: Day 2

DAY TWO Day two was equally inspiring as the first day, with a focus on implementation and how technology is being used for good.

24 Apr

Highlights from the Virtual Medicine Conference in Los Angeles: Day 1

Highlights from the Virtual Medicine Conference in Los Angeles I was lucky enough to partake in the Virtual Medicine Conference 2019 in March.  This is an amazing industry conference with some great speakers sharing their work and research in...

17 Apr

VR application in medical facilities

Virtual Reality (VR) is essentially a way for humans to visually connect with, manipulate, and interact with computers. That enables users to immerse with synthetic computer-generated virtual environments similar to real-life activities and events...

10 Apr

How VR Can Be Used in a Care Home Setting for People with Dementia

Introduction Dementia is a decline in cognition in one or more of the following capabilities:1

03 Apr

Why Every Pain Specialist Should Consider Virtual Reality Today

Introduction: important questions for an important problem. Can one be distracted from pain? How powerful a distraction would be needed to be effective? If such a distraction were to be incorporated into the traditional protocols for pain, would it...

27 Mar

10 Ways VR Can Be Used To Reduce Pain In A Healthcare Setting

Pain is one of the most universal of medical complaints and the most common reason why people seek medical attention. Pain, whether acute, intermittent, or chronic, can drastically affect quality of life, productivity, and performance, thereby...