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The value of VR in the pandemic

The value of VR in the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtably put extraordinary pressure on the healthcare sector. With professionals being pushed to their limit, many are anxious to find new ways to manage the burden of training new staff. As an alternative to in-person approaches, which carry many risks, VR has made major advancements to help during this time.

Med-Tech Innovation, in an article featuring the work of Rescape, describes virtual reality as a “medical training revolution during COVID-19”. Trainees new to the profession are facing challenges with reduced instructors able to teach them face-to-face. Additionally, surgical training is always difficult and risky with a live patient. Through VR training, it is possible to eliminate these risks, while still teaching in an effective and immersive way.

Rescape has been developing some of these training systems that involve simulation of real medical environments. Not only is this useful as an additional tool, but results suggest that it can be more effective than traditional surgical training. Moreover, VR provides a unique opportunity to experience being in the patient’s position during a procedure – the purpose being empathy training. Surgeons and doctors will be able to better understand the patient’s perspective after an immersive experience in this position – something that has only become possible through virtual reality.

With these systems becoming more integrated into the healthcare sector as time goes on, we can look forward to a smarter and safer future in medical training.

Med-Tech Innovation article: https://www.med-technews.com/medtech-insights/vr-in-healthcare-insights/virtual-reality-a-medical-training-revolution-during-covid-1/

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