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Rescape partnership with ATiC to ensure efficiency and safety of VR

Rescape partnership with ATiC to ensure efficiency and safety of VR

DR.VR has shown great promise in different healthcare settings - with dementia care, paediatrics, and stress management as just a few examples.

Alongside the success, there are also challenges that need to be addressed. How do we ensure decontamination control of the products? How do we adjust the experience to the needs of different clinical environments? How do we make sure people know how to use the product efficiently? Rescape has collaborated with research centre, ATiC to answer these questions.

ATiC has been able to examine how the products are handled, so that Rescape can make any necessary adjustments to guarantee hygiene and safety of the products during the pandemic. Additionally, use of the VR sets has been analysed through eye-tracking capabilities – to identify how people are using the product and what can be improved.

“We need to know our product is being used the right way and, if not, understand why not and ensure we train users on DR.VR’s full capabilities. After all, there is no point in designing an amazing product if you don’t teach people to use it properly.” – Matt Wordley, Rescape CEO

Being able to make changes such as redesigns or additional features, will guarantee that people can make the most of everything DR.VR has to offer. Understanding these details and continuously asking how we can make progress allows Rescape to continue improving and innovating.


Read more about the collaboration here: https://www.med-technews.com/news/ai-and-vr-in-healthcare/accelerate-supports-collaboration-for-vr-deployment/

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