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Rescape in Wales Tech Week 2020

Rescape in Wales Tech Week 2020

Rescape has taken part in Wales Tech Week, an interactive virtual festival featuring speakers, workshops and webinars all surrounding how technology is improving our lives. Created by Technology Connected to showcase Wales’ booming technology industry, it features sessions from tech businesses and professionals across Wales, giving them a global platform.

“Our goal is to showcase the incredible talent and innovation that exists within our industry, giving a global platform to the organisations and people that make up our £8.5 billion a year technology sector.” – Avril Lewis, Wales Tech Week Managing Director

“VR is Good For You… and For Your Doctor”A panel discussion that was held featuring Rescape’s Matt Wordley and Kevin Moss, along with clinical psychologist Dr Michelle Smalley, allowed Rescape to talk with a health professional about the potential that VR has for patients and staff in the NHS. In the talk, Rescape shared the work we’ve been doing using virtual reality to reduce stress amongst NHS staff, and the success this has had. Seeing the interest in this technology in many different areas of healthcare, Rescape is now looking to increase the adoption of VR in a range of medical treatment plans.

This is just the first year of Wales Tech Week, so we are excited to see it return in the future, continuing to show the outstanding innovations that are happening with technology in Wales.


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