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Qualcomm: How Rescape is providing emotional support for Covid-19 frontline workers

Qualcomm: How Rescape is providing emotional support for Covid-19 frontline workers

The pressures of Covid-19 have been taking a toll on the mental health of people all over the world. And with frontline workers facing the devastating effects every day, their mental health is at risk. Despite this, evidence shows that therapeutic support available to them is lacking. As a result, finding ways to help these key workers is extremely important and new technological solutions are being welcomed.

One of the answers to this challenge is offered by Rescape Innovation. As VR distraction therapy and relaxation experiences have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety for countless people, the team at Rescape were keen to offer this approach to frontline workers too.

“We knew that our product could help reduce stress and anxiety, and we wanted to see if it could be adapted quickly to help the frontline staff whose mental health has been affected” – Matt Wordley, Rescape CEO

With frontline workers doing everything in their power to face the pressures that are handed to them, protecting their mental health by providing emotional support is vital. Taking breaks to physically travel somewhere relaxing is not always possible - but VR is a unique opportunity to be transported somewhere peaceful without the physical barriers.

To test whether VR would be beneficial to frontline workers, Rescape partnered with Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board and the Centre for Trials Research at Cardiff University, and found that frontline workers did find the experience useful and would recommend it – particularly the relaxation and meditative exercises.

“VR has real potential to help many more people and further our understanding of how VR can be used in the management of stress and anxiety”. - Dr. Kim Smallman, Research Associate at Cardiff University"

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