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Glenn Hapgood

Glenn Hapgood
Glenn has worked within the media industry for over 10 years in various senior roles from creative to operations director. In February 2017 Glenn joined the Orchard Media and Events Group Ltd to lead their Immersive Tech department (Orchard 360) and has gone on to establish them as an industry leader in this space. Glenn founder member of Rescape in 2018 after the project was incubated within Orchard Media. He brings expert knowledge of VR/AR and in-depth experience of how healthcare experts and patients are using VR distraction therapy. He has been instrumental in both design and execution of the DR.VR product.

Recent Posts

03 Apr

Why Every Pain Specialist Should Consider Virtual Reality Today

Introduction: important questions for an important problem. Can one be distracted from pain? How powerful a distraction would be needed to be effective? If such a distraction were to be incorporated into the traditional protocols for pain, would it...