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DR.VR Junior
DR.VR Junior has been specifically designed for children in a healthcare setting. Using worldwide research and our extensive experience in user centric design, DR.VR Junior is a simple to use solution for delivering VR distraction therapy to children to reduce anxiety and pain during procedures.
A stay in the hospital can be a stressful and painful experience for a child. Children are generally apprehensive of unfamiliar environments and strange people, and even those children more familiar, through multiple hospital visits, can become fearful of an unknown procedure. A hospital can be a big scary place for children, something they don’t fully comprehend. They don’t understand why they are removed from their favourite places and people, and why they can’t participate in their favourite activities.
Children lack the mature defence mechanisms that adults have, and the confines of a hospital ward may be too restrictive for the free spirit of a child. All these factors make hospitalisation a stressful event for children.
A child’s illness can be a testing time for parents too, for the whole family in fact. Families are psychologically vulnerable after the hospitalisation of a child. The associated stress can manifest as symptoms of depression and anxiety in both parents and siblings.
Therefore, relieving distress in young patients, parents and siblings is an important part of an overall care plan. Not only does this deliver a direct benefit to the patient and their family, but it also positively impacts on staff.
Paediatrics is an area that offers tremendous opportunity for the application of VR with it’s immersive and encompassing make up. VR appeals directly to the imagination and inquisitive nature of children and has the power to enthral and engage children, teens and young adults. From their previously confining hospital environment children can explore coral reefs, walk with dinosaurs and fly through space; they can be back in their classroom or bedroom at home or see their favourite pet at play
DRVR Jr Girl
  • DR.VR Junior is an out of the box solution designed to be simple to use for all healthcare professionals (even if they have little to no experience with virtual reality)
  • DR.VR Junior is a closed system preloaded with 6 unique custom built VR experiences and is infinitely scalable
  • DR.VR Junior collects data on each experience’s effectiveness
  • DR.VR Junior requires no external support including hospital WiFi, completely independent, it can be used anywhere
  • DR.VR Junior comes with its own 360 camera which allows families to create their own fully immersive VR experiences of family events which can then be viewed through the DR.VR headset; children can feel a ‘real’ part of an event they may have missed or only experienced through the flat media of pictures or phone video
These possibilities make VR an effective and vital tool, not only to improve a child’s quality of stay in the hospital but also to augment the healing process.
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What’s in the box?

DR.VR Junior has been created to not only deliver experiences specifically designed to help pain and anxiety for children, but a robust technical solution that allows anyone without prior VR knowledge to implement it.

  • Pico G2 headset (a lightweight and balanced headset adhering to most infection control policies)
  • Samsung Tablet
  • Over ear headphones
  • DR.VR Router
  • Samsung Gear 360 camera
  • 50 x VR Sanitary Facemasks (additional boxes can be purchased)
  • Charging point


Travel underwater: Following the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle to discovering an array of underwater life.
Travel the world: Meet Gentoo penguins on the Antarctica peninsula to wondering at the iconic Pyramids.
Travel to Space: Skim over Mars’ red, dusty landscape to orbiting Saturn’s majestic rings.
Travel back in time: Duck swooping Pterodactyl to marvelling at a stomping Brachiosaur.
Immersive Game
Fly through an arctic landscape collecting magical rings before your time runs out. Keep an eye out for our friendly penguins and polar bears. A musical game that immerses the player creating a sense of flow.
Meditate spaces
3 relaxing spaces to practice breathing exercise. Sit in a forest, look out over a sunny beach or watch the snow fall on a wooded glade.
A guided breathing exercise using a visual guide to help children breathe deeper and slower.

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